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Staff Directory

Staff Directory
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Angell, Kristi Cafeteria Aide
Askinazy, Danielle ESL 303-982-8350
Attendance Online Attendance Form 303-982-5367
Baxter, Ericka Preschool ESCE 303-982-3061
Benton, Linda 1st Grade 303-982-8292
Centeno, Kris Learning Specialist 303-982-0228
Clark, Tiffany Occupational Therapist 303-982-8003
Cormier, Matt Principal 303-982-2811
Davis, Darla  PT 303-982-3252
DeBonis, Nick 3rd Grade 303-982-5338
Doverspike, Pat Preschool Director 303-982-5361
Dusatko, Jessica Para - Kindergarten, Schwecke
Fritz, Stephany Learning Specialist  303-982-5328
Golden, Linda Para - Kindergarden, Manley
Goodnight, Caroline Special ED 303-982-5390
Goslau, Jennifer 4th Grade 303-982-5368
Grall, Kelly Speech/Language 303-982-4498
Harger, Laurie Para - Library
Hart, Kellie  Paraprofessional 
Jacques-Bonneau, Paula G/T Resource Teacher 303-982-0258
Jeffres, Susan Library 303-982-5326
Karford, Holly 5th Grade 303-982-4872
Knopf, Cody Cafeteria Manager
Krembs, Kristi  Paraprofessional 
Langowski, Kathleen 4th Grade 303-982-5348
Lantz, Abby  Music  303-982-3035 
Lindmeier, Sarah Instructional Coach 303-982-3071
Lehmkuhl, Derek Facilities Manager 303-982-5364
Manley, Kristin Kindergarten 303-982-5382
Marcus, Liz Art 303-982-5362
McMenamin, Sylvie P.E. 303-982-5369
Mitchell, Kristin 2nd Grade 303-982-7421
Pesche, Angela District Nurse 303-982-3077
Schwecke, Beth  Kindergarten 303-982-5349 
Swain, Betty Paraprofessional
Shapleigh, Carrie Enrollment Secretary 303-982-5370
Thompson, Joni Health Aide 303-982-5370
Thurling, Sonya 1st Grade 303-982-5357
Vaughn, Frances  2nd Grade 303-982-5369
Vermeulen, Amy 3rd Grade/GT Teacher Liaison 303-982-5374
Weaver, Jackie Principal's Secy 303-982-5345
Weedman, Jonathan Instrumental Music 303-982-9388
Whitney, Kristin 5th Grade 303-982-9636
Yoho, Lindsey Social Worker 303-982-1538