Paying tribute to our Veterans - CC

Paying tribute to our Veterans - CC
Posted on 12/03/2018
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Paying tribute to our veterans
Wilmot Elementary School students honor those who served during ceremony

Canyon Courier
Writer: Deb Hurley Brobst
Photos: Sara Hertwig

 The Wilmot Elementary School Veterans Day event Monday was more than honoring the veterans who attended — it was a way for students to practice. Principal Matt Cormier told students that they would have the opportunity to thank the veterans for their service during the event, which was practice for thanking other veterans.WWII Vet in hallway Walk of Honor

“Any time you see a veteran,” Cormier told the students at an assembly, “say, ‘Thank you for your service’ or just say ‘Thank you.’ Today is a day to practice that.”

Students explained that Veterans Day celebrated those who served in the military — both those who have
died and those who served and are still living.

They also said people should thank veterans for their service because those in the military risk their lives, and saying thank you honors that risk. Photos from Canyon Courier article: poppy being handed to a Vet and students holding a sign

“It makes a lot of sense that those who serve our country risk their lives, especially when they go off to war,” Cormier told the children. “They risk so much, so we have all the freedoms we have.”
After the eight veterans in attendance saluted the flag during
Photos from Canyon Courier article: 1st Grade performance, and student giving Vet a high five
 the flag-presentation ceremony, Cormier noted they saluted to show how much they respect the flag. 

“They show their respect to the symbol of our country that they risked their lives for,” he said. 

After the assembly, students lined the school’s main hallway, and the veterans — one who served in World War II, and some who served in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan — walked down the hallway to cheers, thank yous, applause and high-fives. 

George Faust of Evergreen, who served in World War II, called the Wilmot assembly wonderful.

“We all served,” Faust said. “We went to war and we wanted to do our share.”

Students from old to young understood the importance of Veterans Day.
“Veterans Day is important to me,” first-grader Reagan Frank said. “They help our country a lot.”
First-grader Lila McCarthy added: “A lot of veterans help our world. It makes me happy and puts a smile on my face.”