Kanagy receives Jeffco PTA's Crystal Apple Award - CC

Kanagy Receives Jeffco PTA's Crystal Apple Award - CC
Posted on 05/31/2017
Kanagy looks at Crystal Apple AwardBy Deb Hurley Brobst, Staff Writer for Canyon Courier

Wilmot retiring kindergarten teacher Diane Kanagy was awarded the Jeffco PTA Crystal Apple Teacher of the Year Award for teaching excellence.

Wilmot’s PTA submitted an application with support letters from administration, fellow teachers, parents and students attesting to Kanagy’s dedication to teaching and her students.

“She is a school leader, a friend, an educator, and a community member always with enthusiasm,” one letter stated.

Kanagy has been at Wilmot 28 years, first as preschool director and then 18 years as a kindergarten teacher.

In the Wilmot PTA nomination, Kanagy was described as “an amazing early-childhood educator who has made a difference in the lives of countless students. By knowing kids, believing in them and their individual learning needs, she not only knows how to motivate students and get them to excel by the end of kindergarten, she makes them feel like they are responsible classroom citizens and important members of our school community.”

Principal Matt Cormier said in his letter of support: “What makes Diane stand out in a crowd of excellent teachers is that education is happening with her 5- and 6-year-olds and not to them with a teacher down approach. To do this, Diane provides students with timely and meaningful feedback they use to scaffold future learning, self-assess and set goals.”

Fellow kindergarten teacher Kristin Manley said in her support letter that Kanagy loved children and teaching them, and she had the gift to inspire an entire classroom of young children each day.

“Diane is a person you feel blessed to work with and learn from as a colleague as well as a talented teacher,” the PTA application said. “Parents throughout our community celebrate with gratitude for making such a lasting impact on their child’s life.”