Class Parties & Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations

Starting in 2018-19, student birthdays at our school will be celebrated with non-food alternatives to support the district’s wellness policy.  

Why do we have nutrition standards?

  • Due to changes in Federal rules, school districts are required to provide standards for foods shared with other students.
  • Protecting students with food allergies and diabetes, supporting family decisions around foods, and reducing equity issues is also very important.

How were these decided?

  • District standards were developed based on community input and feedback.
  • Over 50% of schools already have a similar policy in place.  

Are there birthday ideas for families and classrooms?

·     Ideas (many from students) on fun ways to celebrate birthdays can be found here.

·     The Wellness Policy Guidelines and other nutrition policy can be found here.

Jeffco Healthy Schools flyer here

...AND...Wilmot now has a Birthday Board in the main hallway where we post photos to celebrate each birthday.  If you are in the building please come check it out!

birthday board at wilmot

If you have any questions, please contact

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