Robotics Club

VEX Robotics are coming to Wilmot.  Starting March 7th from 3:35-5:00, we will be building, programming, and practicing for competition.

3rd-5th grade only
$80 per student

It’s Your Future:

The world needs the students of today to become the scientists, engineers, and problem solving leaders of tomorrow. Science constantly presents us with new breakthroughs and challenges, creating greater opportunities for problem solving through technology. The solutions to such problems could help change the world, and technology-based problem solvers will be the people to make it all possible. The VEX IQ platform and curriculum provide a fun and engaging vehicle to begin the journey toward becoming the type of problem solver our world needs the most. No matter what you see in your future, the VEX IQ platform and curriculum can help you build the kinds of skills expected of a 21st century innovator.

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