BrainWise is off to a great start!  I am Trisha Mihalik and I will be teaching BrainWise this year.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

We started the year off learning the difference between our Wizard and our Lizard Brain!  Students were taught the areas of the brain where these decisions take place and why they take place.  The prefrontal cortex area is where our wizard brain makes decisions and it is also the area most effected by screen time.  We did a lesson on the good and bad of using electronic devices and what we can do as an alternative of looking at a screen, such as go for a walk.   Some classes made collages of the alternatives to screen time and they will be posted throughout the school. 

We will continue wise ways with learning about our constellation of support and how that can help us all to be BrainWise!

Trisha Mihalik:

wizard hat